A Community Pharmacy for Physicians

The growing number of medications on the market today makes it increasingly difficult for physicians to stay on top of the latest drug treatments and related issues. You can now rely on True Care Family Pharmacy to be your pharmaceutical expert. Our experienced on-site staff is here to help you with medication choices and dosages for your patients, avoiding adverse prescription interactions. In addition we provide,

  • Delivery of medications to your office or patient’s home.
  • Electronic prescribing capabilities.
  • Reduce patient calls to your offices.
  • Take care of all benefits co-ordination, giving you more time for patient care.
  • Ensure patient compliance through refill reminders.
  • Provide on-going support and education to manage patient concerns such as side effects and drug interactions.
  • Increase patient care and satisfaction
  • Special order items, such as vaccines, hard-to-find and speciality medications and compounded drugs.



True Care Family Pharmacy is a pharmacy that meets the compounding needs of medical providers and patients throughout California. Our compounding pharmacists have the ability to custom compound medications in our state-of-the-art compounding laboratory located in Canoga Park. We compound medications that improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and save patients time and money.


True Care Family Pharmacy – Physicians’ Trusted Compounding Resource

Our pharmacists have received extensive training in compounding techniques and have access to a supporCOMP PICTUREt network that generates a constant exchange of ideas and innovations. We are active members of Medisca – a leading FDA-registered supplier of quality pharmacy compounding products and APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).

Our goal is to make sure that you and your patients receive high-quality compounded medications at the most competitive prices. Our Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from licensed prescribers via the phone, fax, or hard copy. We would be happy to speak with you regarding questions you may have about compounding or the prescribing process. We are available to serve you and your patients M-F 9-6:30, Sat 9-2, & Sun Closed.


Compounding Safe & Legal

Our compounding pharmacy must comply with the regulations set forth by the State Board of Pharmacy. The State Board of Pharmacy sets and enforces regulations for compounding, just as it does for traditional pharmacy. The ingredients used by our pharmacy to make compounds come from FDA-registered and inspected facilities.